Greening Policy

Brand-ON Agency Greening Policy

We at Brand-ON Agency know and believe that sustainable business needs to be coupled with and drive to ensure the wellbeing and health of the environment. Working towards keeping the environment healthy is one of the core focuses of our business alongside ensuring we have a happy and satisfied client pool.

Brand-ON Agency is looking to contribute as much as we can to the sustainability of the environment.

Brand-ON Agency has implemented certain green initiatives within the business.

We aim to have our actions be limiting in their effects on the environment at every possible opportunity.

What we aim to do:

  • Not only comply with all applicable legislation, codes of practice and codes of practice, but to exceed such mandates.
  • Have all our business decisions be guided in part by environmental sustainability considerations.
  • All staff are to be advised about and trained in the policy.
  • Once upskilled in the policy all staff members are to adhere to the policy at all times.
  • We will aim to inform all our clients and service providers of our greening policy and encourage them to adopt and adhere to their own greening policies.
  • We will regularly review our greening policy and amend it as required to adhere to better green principles.

How will we maintain and achieve this?

  • Minimize our paper usage and the usage of other office consumables.
    • Utilize duplex printing
    • Scan to email
    • Electronic document storage
  • Arrange for and implement the re-use and recycling of various consumables and equipment.
    • Paper
    • Ink toner/cartridges
    • Computer and electrical equipment
    • Glass and tin cans
  • Reduce electricity usage in the office and on-site at project locations.
    • Use power conscious computer equipment such as lower energy using Network Access Storage devices instead of full blown server machines where applicable
    • Switch of devices not in use or have them in energy saving states whenever possible.
  • Purchase fair trade or organic goods where possible.
    • This applies to foods, equipment and goods for resale.
  • Limit our carbon emissions footprint in all our activities including that of our community/CSI work.
  • Include a copy of our Greening Policy with all our documentation disseminated both internally and externally.

As part of our greening policy we implore you not to print this document for your reading and other usage purposes.