Ordering Terms & Conditions

Sample Policy

We understand that our clients require samples in order to close a deal.

Brand-ON's sample policy is as follows:

  • Samples can be purchased at an additional cost to client
  • Brand-ON will only take returns on samples upon previous written approval from management
  • We reserve the right not to accept orders for clothing in ratios which will unreasonably break/affect the size-curve of that style.
  • If you have ordered an item that requires assembly, there will be penalty fees should this item be cancelled or colours changed.
  • Please note that clients who are on account cannot cancel orders placed with us, cancelling orders will result in additional cancellation charges

Branding Terms and Conditions

Acceptable File Formats: .CDR / .EPS / .AI / .PDF / .FH

Vector artwork is preferred.
We accept PC format artwork only.

Tips to help you prepare your artwork

  1. All fonts must be converted to curves to avoid font substitutions.
  2. Please include font and size if typesetting is requested.
  3. Artwork for multi-colour imprints should be sent as a colour separated file (exceptions: digital printing).
  4. Formats we do not accept: Word files, .gif, .jpeg (under 600dpi), Power Point.
  5. Please forward the electronic artwork directly to your account manager at Brand-ON.
  6. Upon written approval of layouts please confirm with your account manager that they have received your signoff.
  7. Brand-ON cannot take responsibility for non-delivery of orders if layout approval is not received.
  8. Branding will only commence once full payment for stock and branding has been received and artwork has been approved.
  9. For fast clearing of orders please e-mail info@brand-on.co.za.
  10. Reminders will be sent out daily if we require either approval or payment from you before commencing with a job. If you have paid for and approved the order and are still receiving these reminders, please contact your account manager directly to ensure that we have received all the relevant information.
  11. Delivery dates are quoted from the day after artwork approval and receipt of payment - whichever is later.
  12. Amendments made to proofs will result in a delay to delivery date. Should you require changes, we will issue a new layout for final proofing before production commences.

Artwork Fees

Artwork received in the correct format will not be charged for.

Artwork not received in the correct format will attract a redrawing fee of R350 per hour

General Terms and Conditions

Once stock has been collected / delivered from / by Brand-ON, Brand-ON has no control over it. As such we do not accept responsibility for any damages or shortages not reported within 24 hours.

Whilst every e­ffort has been made to fulfil all orders correctly, should you take our goods to an external branding company, we ask that you check all items received BEFORE they get branded.

Brand-ON cannot accept returns on incorrect items which have already been branded regardless of whether it’s Brand-ON’s fault or not.

It may take up to a week to carefully check the stock that is returned and once we are satisfied that stock is fit for resale we will issue the refund or credit note.

In the case of stock being sent by courier to regions outside of Cape Town (i.e. Durban, JHB etc), clients have 72 hours from time of collection by courier, to report missing or damaged items. No claims will be entertained thereafter.

Once an order for memory sticks or Hampers has been collected from us, we unfortunately cannot accept a return on it.

We do not accept returns on discontinued and clearance items.


Full Payment is needed in order to proceed with production of your order, this goes for branded or unbranded goods.

Stock will not be released until the funds have been cleared in our account.

We encourage EFT’s and have facilities at our offices to make Internet payments

Stock will only be released once proof of payment has been received. We encourage you to pay into our matching bank account to ensure that your order is cleared immediately.

Payments from outside South Africa take between 4 and 7 working days to clear. Orders will only be released once payment has reflected.

For orders that require branding, branding will only commence once stock and branding has been paid for in full. Please contact your Account Manager to confirm that we have received your proof of payment, once payment has been made.

Brand-ON cannot be responsible for missed deadlines if you have not confirmed that payment has been received.

Clients are required to pay a 30% deposit on the total value of the order, for orders exceeding R100 000, before an invoice will be generated.

We thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact your account manager in this regard.